It’s all a frame on a wall!

It’s all a big beautiful painting, hanged there,
on one of the walls, of a marvelous castle…
Everything is beyond it, everything is out of it.
Yet I’m focused on this painting.
I’m spending all my remaining years or days reading its details.
Can’t turn my eyes away from it and grasp the beauty of the castle, its infinite rooms, its infinite paintings, and the infinity out of its gate!

It’s an amazing painting, it changes all the time,
sometimes into wonderful colors, sometimes into grays and black.
It’s an amazing painting, but gets so worn out and poor,
if you could only move your eyes away…
Real light and real colors are shining strongly out there,
the most beautiful dazzling lights and colors…

Ah, I know it all, yet I stay stuck to this poor-dimentional frame!


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