Beautiful song, with its translation from Corsican to English below.
“I Muvirini” songs have a high spiritual level, definitely to listen while sculpting! So inspiring!

Sarà (It will be)

If we have to give endlessly
Be strong and imagine
Encourage ourselves and watch
In the night which makes us fall
It will be so

Should we have to say things again
Understand, open our eyes wide
Until these lands
Which might have lost their hope
It will be so

Our Dream will live….
Our Dream will live….
It will…

If we need to say no
To be heart and reason
If one day too bad
A lost person will betray us
It will be so…

Our Dream will live
Our Dream will live
It will…

Who knows how hard it is
How much effort it takes
Against each hostile wall
We will always go on

It will be so, it will be…..


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