Again some I Muvrini! (With Lyrics and translations in English) I just love this song, even if it’s very nostalgic, it’s uplifting at the same time. Fills the nostalgic heart with some magical light, and a strange energy to keep going on… To me “I Muvrini” songs are somehow divine! Corsica, the land from which these pure souls come from, must be a part of heaven!

Hey my sculpting mood is almost back and am working on a new statue now! Yeeeeeaaaaah!!! It’s just a technical try, simply a face. Though it’s a very big female head, will be the biggest statue I’ve ever made! (Wait! Don’t think of a skyscraper! It’s only a lil bigger than a real human being head size! :P) It’s really hard though, as the clay dries too fast, while I can work only 1 to 2 hour a day on it, always interrupted by my baby’s demands… Wish me luck! 🙂


Domani partirò
Per una terra a me lontana
Encora una anno
Per vedere i tuoi colori
Encora una anno
Per podere sentire
I tuoi profumi
I tuoi suoni
Aspettami Corsica
Perché io per te
Sempre ritornerò

O terra d’amÃ
In portu nuvellu
Cì hè una nave chì va
Un core gemellu
Un sognu un andÃ
Un ricordu niellu
Più d’una alma chì sÃ
O Corsica

Cì hè sempre un fratellu
Chì cerca un amÃ
Appesu à l’anellu
Un abracciu à dÃ
In portu nuvellu
Cì hè una nave chì vÃ
O Corsica


Wait for me

Tomorrow I will leave
To my faraway land
Still a year away
To see your colors,
Still a year,
To feel your scents,
Your tunes
Wait for me Corsica
Because for you,
I will always return

Wait for me
Land of love,
Wait for me
In a new harbor
Sails a ship
A heart twin
A dream, a future
A wounded memory
More than a soul who knows
Wait for me

There is always a brother
Who hopes for a love
Hanging from a ring
A waiting hug
In the new harbor
Sails a ship
Wait for me
Wait for me


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