The Lady Statue

Finally a glance of my new statue. In this photo it’s yet uncompleted. The photos of the completed statue will be published soon, I just wanted to select the best quality photos and adjust the lights a little.
It has been really hard to sculpt, working with clay is terrible when you have a little baby. It seems like the work just never ends, as soon as I found the time and began working my son was crying, so I had to wash my hands immediately and quit the work. I’ll definitely make a smaller statue next time.
By the way, anybody has a tip for how to get rid of the clay attached to your hands? I’ve heard it would clog the piping if you wash your hands in the sink…
I’m more than satisfied with the result of those after-midnights being awake for sculpting. Yes, there are many defects (you can’t see all of them in this shot, as it’s the best view of it :P), but hey, it’s the greatest statue I’ve ever made (also the biggest!), and that means that my (yet-to-become) skills are improving!
Thanks God that in such a crazy world where everyone gets you wrong, there’s one big refuge: Sculpting!

Unfinished Clay Statue

My uncompleted sculpture in clay


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