Drawing a portrait, after a year!

Tonight something strange happened, my after-midnight spare time was dedicated to drawing! After a complete year, for the first time my fingers were touching again the charcoal pencil! A girl’s portrait. Just found a beautiful photo on internet, on Facebook – Rumi’s quote page, to be precise. Liked it very much, and there comes this strange desire of drawing! I didn’t have time to follow exactly the photo (only 3 hours, much for an expert, little for me…), just used it to do some practice. Still some works on her hairs, nose and that strange hat is needed (what’s hanging from the hat, on the sides, is not hair, that’s a part of her hat!), but officially I announce it as finished, can’t spend any more time on it.
OK, here is my drawing:

Sad Girl Portrait Drawing Practice

Portrait drawing practice, black and white charcoal on dark gray paper.


15 thoughts on “Drawing a portrait, after a year!

    • Thanks a lot, your comment is really up-lifting.
      I should have spent more time on it, but I haven’t drawn anything all this time, ’cause always I’ve been waiting for the time I’d have enough free hours. Now I see it’s better to do uncompleted works, than to do nothing at all. 🙂

      • Before I had my little one I would spend a long period of time on one drawing (say 10 hours), and I would be done. These days I work little by little, grabbing an hour here and there. It takes longer, but the results are the same. How long has it been since you drew something?

        • Can’t really say since when I’m drawing, I’ve always been the best student of class in art matter, all my books were full of drawings! 😀 but I have never followed it professionally. Unfortunately it has always remained in the shadow of my ordinary life activities, especially after high school. Have had many interests I couldn’t manage to follow. Now I’m understanding that I should have followed only art, it gives me so much peace. But since I have my little one there’s no spare time, so I sleep less in order to have some time for my artistic activities.

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