More photos of my recent statue!

Well, it’s the same statue, but it has been dried completely now, and looks somehow different. Here are some photos of her, from different views. I will add some photos of her profile further, that’s what I like most about this statue!

By the way, that weird solenoid beside her is not of any scientific use, it’s actually the base (armature) that I’ve invented to put up the clay on it, otherwise the statue will be completely solid (what should be avoided, as it makes it heavier, and there is much more possibility of fracture and breaking during the baking) . I wrap paper around it, then add clay, so when the clay is dried, also the paper will, and you can detach it easily from the base (armature).


6 thoughts on “More photos of my recent statue!

    • It’s the normal clay (soil and water). I don’t know other materials yet, the first time just went to an artistic store and asked for a sculpting clay. There were two types, one is rougher, which becomes almost orange after baking, the other one (what I’m using recently) is finer and becomes white. The temperature for baking the normal traditional clay is very high (800-900 °C) I can’t afford such an oven, so it’s more convenient to find a place where they do the job for you. I go to a traditional ceramic store, where they take some money and bake my statues (together with their own plates or statues).

  1. Your statues are amazing and your confidence to find the correct clay work through the process…finding a place to help you fire the work…all of that takes positive energy and you have done it! You are an inspiration to me! Your statue is beautiful…the beauty within you comes through your statues…you are a poet of statues~

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