Another Adele’s portrait by me!

Hi everybody! 🙂
After a bit pause here is another portrait of Adele I drawn during the recent days. Can’t say how much it took to finish it ’cause as usual having too much duties I couldn’t manage to find continous time in a single day. This one is done so little by little… I actually didn’t even finish it! There were lots to do for hairs, but OMG! I’m in the lack of time and lack of mood for drawing that much detail!
I chose a softer paper, of white color. Like to do softer drawings, but guess I don’t have the right materials. My softest pencil was B4, should buy some better pencils when I’ll have the chance to, ’cause those used for this drawing just didn’t want to add black to the paper, even if I pressed them a lot on it…
My model is still Adele, and as I have some nice photos of her (found on internet), will continue drawing her portraits for a while! This portrait is actually very different from the original photo, I realized it when I put my drawing beside the photo when finished… But let’s be happy, it’s just a miracle how I manage to find the time for drawing! Something sure is that am gonna redraw the very same portrait someday, using different materials (on a dark paper maybe?!)
Click on the image to view it better.

Thanks for visiting my page! 🙂

Adele Portrait Drawing

Adele Portrait Drawing


4 thoughts on “Another Adele’s portrait by me!

  1. hi im studying art and am currently doing some similar work, im after some tips, how did you do the shading? what pencils did you use and how? thanks heaps!

    • Hi Rebecca. I often use only a mechanical pencil (0.5 mm. HB lead) and some sheets (those circular pads for removing cosmetics are really nice and soft and do a great job with pencil on paper) to soften the strokes for creating the shades.
      I honestly don’t remember what pencil I used for this particular portrait, but to achieve a more realistic work I later learned that mechanical pencil with a fine lead work best for me, ’cause I really don’t feel to sharpen pencils often, and I do need very fine lines to create realistic effects. Just use less pressure for the light areas and more pressure for the dark ones. I think the trick is this, and you won’t need dozens of pencils with different grades to achieve good light effects.
      I’ve recently ordered an electric eraser, they seem so cool, but until now just used the kneaded ones.
      Then there is charcoal drawing, I have tried. They are great too, but I don’t feel to try them much often, as they are difficult to handle, sharpening them is hard and they leave particles on the whole paper, and on darker areas they are just impossible to erase!
      Working on a semi-dark paper with black and white charcoals is much better than working on a white paper with black charcoal pencils.
      Hope the info could help you.
      It’s great to study art, my best wishes! 🙂

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