My 4th Adele’s Portrait Drawing!

Hi, I’m finally back! Unfortunately not with so many new works as I rarely had time to do any drawings or sculptures during my absence. But at least I could manage to buy some Faber-castle pencils, which are really great! You wouldn’t notice any good change in the quality of lines and shades of my drawing in the recent Adele’s portrait I did lately (the image below), but I really enjoyed using these pencils for drawing this portrait. They almost dance on the paper! Just bought 4 pencils: 3B, 5B, 7B and 9B. I like most of all the 3B and 9B and used mostly these 2 for this drawing.
Yes, you’re right, there are many more beautiful Adele’s portrait drawings out there, and the final result is not what I wished for neither, but I just enjoy a lot drawing what I’m publishing here, and like to share this joy with you who may like to watch them. 🙂
So thanks for visiting this page, and I hope you enjoy it.
Please click on the image to view the more detailed image, the thumbnail looks so ugly. 😀
Hope to be back soon!

Adele Portrait Pencil Drawing

Adele’s Portrait Drawing


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