My 5th Adele’s portrait drawing!

Hey I’m back so soon! 🙂 Here’s what I did last night, although feel so tired for the lack of sleep, there’s a great peace in my heart. This time I’m happy with the final result, really like it! Working on a dark paper seems to be more suitable for me, there’s also more fun, as it’s a great way to save time on drawing!

Adele's Portrait Drawing

Adele’s Portrait Drawing – Black and White Conte Pencil on dark gray paper.


Here are my three primitive steps for drawing this portrait (click on them to see bigger images):

Adele's Portrait Drawing Step 1

Adele’s Portrait Drawing Step 1

Adele's Portrait Drawing Step 2

Adele’s Portrait Drawing Step 2

Adele's Portrait Drawing Step 3

Adele’s Portrait Drawing Step 3


And this is the  final result with a higher resolution, click on it to see the detailed drawing:

Adele's Portrait Drawing High Resolution

Adele’s Portrait Drawing Completed

Till next work.



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