My new piece of clay smiles!

I made this statue during last month, though couldn’t work more than 1-2 hours a week on it. The last time I put away the cover I was shocked to see that it was almost dried up, while I still had lots of work to do on it! So I tried to elaborate it anyway, adding some water to wet the parts which still needed modifications. Eyes were my main concern while making this statue. I don’t know how to get them yet. They are never as they should be in clay statues. If you don’t carve them at all (bulbs without pupils) the face becomes so expressionless, so you should at least color it after firing, that’s what I’m thinking to do on my next statue. If you carve the eyes instead, it becomes really difficult to create that natural expression of the real looking eyes. I searched some pictures of  statues with open eyes on internet, and then decided to do my best to gain a natural vivid look, though there is still much to study and learn.

Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears.

Smiling Lady's Clay Statue

Smiling Lady’s Clay Statue

The last four photos belong to the first stages of my work.

Oh, about the model… well, I just had this wonderful lady on my mind. Didn’t use more than a photo of her and a lot of imagination. I’m sure no one can guess who she is. She could have been so famous, having that much beauty and such a position she’s had, but the wonderful fact about her is that she’s been so modest and humble, so intelligent and self-confident that never tried to gain fame. She always kept herself away from cameras and journalists. OK, no more hints for now! See ya 😀


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