My sixth Adele’s portrait drawing!

Here you are, another Adele’s portrait! I drew this using my new charcoal Conté pencils. I’m mentioning the brand ’cause it really was a different experience using these pencils. I used B2, B and HB black charcoal Conté pencils, (besides my old white Conté) and they were amazing! They don’t break into tiny particles as did my old pencils, are so precise and the best part of it: they don’t cost much! Hey, this information is precious! If someone else had told me about it, it would have saved me a lot of time, ended in better results and hence giving me more ambition for not sleeping! 😀
Click on the image to see a little bigger version.

Adele's Portrait Drawing

Adele’s portrait drawing, white and black charcoal pencils on gray paper

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8 thoughts on “My sixth Adele’s portrait drawing!

  1. All of your artworks are admirable. I’ve been following your posts from about a year. You are an exceptional but what interests me more are your pencil works. I want to enter this field of realistic artworks and seek for inspiration and a little guidance, if you may. Waiting for your response.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. 🙂
      Unfortunately as I haven’t had any teacher for drawing I’m not good at teaching it, have learned all gradually and by my own, and still need so much to learn. All I could transmit I have posted on this blog. If you’re really looking for inspirations they are everywhere, from your own face to the infinite portraits on internet, there are also many pencil works on the web you can look at to learn more. If you search on YouTube there are many free video tutorials too.
      If there is any specific question about drawing you think I can answer please feel free to ask.
      Good luck 🙂

  2. Thanks for your consideration.
    Well, I do have certain questions related to the aspects of drawing that you have definitely been able to bring about to justice, perfection.
    Can you tell me how you bring the even dark black background while working on white canvas
    And what sort of pencil do you prefer to bring sharp white highlights
    And are these pencils apt when working on already charcoaled spots
    Awaiting your response.

    • Thanks again for your compliments 🙂
      To get the even shades I use a pad or tissue and rub it on the pencil strokes to blur it, so it looks more even and much softer. This is valid both for the background and the soft shades on the drawing.
      As I have written in my posts I use white charcoal Contè pencil, it doesn’t work very well where black charcoal is applied thickly, but for most of the parts it works fine. However I use it mostly while working on dark papers, on white papers a good eraser works better, consider buying an electric eraser, it’s another world! I’ve bought it recently (of Sakura brand) and it’s like a magic wand for me! At least when drawing with normal graphite pencils, with charcoals more attention must be payed not to over work where the light shades or strokes are desired, like the hair.
      Hope my answer could help.

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