Taylor Swift’s portrait, using Dry Brush Technique!

Hi, I’m back with a new portrait drawn with a new technique: Dry Brush! If you haven’t heard of it before, relax, you’re not alone! I just happened to discover it on the holy internet few weeks ago, when looking for hyper-realistic portrait drawings. Had it on my mind, until some days ago I really decided to give it a try. Guess you can see the difference between this new drawing and the older ones, and the secret is hidden just in the materials! Consider that this is the first time I’m trying this technique, so I hope to obtain better results out of my next drawings.

About dry brush technique: there’s nothing magical, just use a little black oil color on a fine water color paper (mine wasn’t so fine, hence many dots and undesired dusty spots), a soft narrow round brush (mine wasn’t round, hence much more problems for painting the fine lines), some medium and large brushes. I used only 3 brushes for this drawing (or should I say painting?!). One of them was only used to soften the painted areas or to add soft shadows, this one never touched the oil color directly. You should put a little amount of color on a piece of paper towel (don’t know how it’s called in English, but I guess you got it) so you can clean your brushes there and try to see if too much color is attached to them.

Taylor Swift, this very young song writer and singer has a great natural beauty and many fans (can’t talk about her talents, as I haven’t heard her songs yet). Hope her fans like my drawing (painting? :D)

Click on the image below to see the big version.

Taylor Swift's Portrait Drawing Dry Brush Technique

Taylor Swift’s Portrait Drawing, Dry Brush Technique

Taylor Swift's Portrait Drawing Dry Brush Technique

Taylor Swift’s Portrait Drawing, Full Size


4 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s portrait, using Dry Brush Technique!

  1. thanks for dropping by and looking at my various recent paintings, and for your kind comment on Sunshots.
    I remember liking drybrush at various times, seeing this inspires me to give it another go sometime. Probably in my sketchbook for drawing Lucie our dog, or the horse in the field behind the house.

    • You’re most welcome, I really enjoyed visiting your blog and your amazing paintings. Thanks to you for dropping by and for you very kind reply.
      It’s an honor for me that this work could be of any inspiration to you. Can’t wait to see more of your wonderful works.

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