Tom Meighan Charcoal Portrait Drawing, By Me!

I’m back with my latest portrait drawing! My model was a photo of Tom Meighan – Kasabian singer – found on internet as usual, this is the link to the original photo: This band is actually famous, some of their songs are really cool. However in case someone doesn’t know them, one of their videos can be found under my drawing.
I used my beloved Conté charcoal pencils, on not a so lovely paper. Would be hard to believe that I used a watercolor paper for this drawing, and realized it too late that the paper was the worst choice I’ve ever made for a drawing! I had already done the sketch with the right proportions when I realized how terrible the paper was working for me, just didn’t want to repeat all that work on another paper, knowing how little time I had and that it couldn’t become as right-proportioned as it did the first time. So I kept drawing on that horrible stuff. After 2 or 3 times passing the pencil on the same spot, or passing the tissue for softening shadows, the paper actually got disintegrated!
Click on the image to see the high resolution version.

Tom Meighan - Kasabian - Charcoal Portrait Drawing

Tom Meighan Charcoal Portrait Drawing


9 thoughts on “Tom Meighan Charcoal Portrait Drawing, By Me!

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment. You’re a great artist, I love your paintings.
      Unfortunately I just can’t find anyone who’d like to have their portrait drawings published online, so I have to use public photos.

      • Hi Mary, I live also from portrait drawings, and when I ask the “victim” I had drawn, if he or she minds if I put it into my blog, most people dont mind at all. Some of them I didnt ask at all, not knowing that I will ave a blog one day. But if anybody would discover his or her portrait in my site and complain, I would kick it out inmediately without problems.
        I cannot really believe that nobody of your surroundings wants to be drawn and put in your blog, Mary. And what about yourself ?

        • Hi Angelica. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for taking the time to give me this precious info. It’s really kind of you. I actually spend most of my time at home, taking care of my baby and all the related responsibilities. Don’t know many people, relatives and friends don’t like their portraits to be put online… Do you draw your portraits live or do you take photos of people?
          I prefer not to put my self-portraits online, but maybe I can get along with this idea one day. Or I can try to modify my own photos with Photoshop and then use them as the models for my drawings, this way they won’t be self-portraits anymore! Will definitely think about it! 🙂

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  2. To answer your question: The clients mostly give me photos, although in general I would prefer to take them of them,( often they are quite bad), and I do that, too, if they pay a little extra. In the summers in other years most people wanted portraits live, and this last summer most wanted from photos, dont know why.

    I think, if somebody wants to be a really good portrait artist, it is very important also to do them live. What would be a very good exercise for you , is drawing your baby. When it is sleeping, its obviously easier, and very gratifieing if you get it right, but we should not worry about doing mistakes, because they serve to learn from them. Also when the baby is moving or eating, you could do quick sketches to exercise.

    lAlso you could do photos of pets while you are walking along with your child, they wouldnt mind if you put them into the blog, but preferably the whole body. I dont like pet portraits without the body.

    Must admit I remember of not even having had time to draw when my children slept, because I slept , too, or was doing house work, so for me it is very easy to give advice to others. But do remember drawing them sometimes, sadly too few. All the best from Angelica.

    • Thank you very much for your kind reply Angelica. Very unfortunately I haven’t any portrait client yet, couldn’t ever manage to search for them. But as soon as I’ll have a little free time I’m gonna do some advertisement.
      You’re absolutely right about the benefits of drawing live. Well, my son is always in movement, and as you said, when he sleeps I can’t be there to do a quite live portrait. I should run to do the housework left behind, and if I’m very fortunate (very rare occasions) sleep! 🙂
      Pets have never inspired me for drawing, unfortunately. However your advices have been really helpful. I’ve found some of my old photos, and am taking some new too. Will use some of them until I find some client. As my only free time is after midnight I can’t think about live drawing now, but it’s already on my program for a near future (crossing the fingers!)
      Best wishes.

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