On the way to hyper-realism: Tom Meighan, 2nd portrait

Hi everybody! I finally managed to draw another portrait. Forget about all the pencil brands I talked about in my later posts. I just used a 1 euro mechanical pencil, with Staedtler 0.5 mm HB lead, and a normal Faber-Castle eraser. So costs were almost zero! Photo found on the web as usual, simply liked it as Tom Meighan’s (Kasabian singer) eyes reflect some divine light in this shot. Spent lots of time on drawing his hair, which is not as satisfactory as it should be, while least effort was put on the nose and mouth, which look almost good (to me!). There is still a long way to reach that challenging point of hyper-realism mastery, but I think there’s some progress in my work, and that’s up-lifting.

Please click on the image for a more detailed view, hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Tom Meighan - Kasabian - portrait drawing

Tom Meighan portrait drawing, mechanical pencil with 0,5 HB lead


4 thoughts on “On the way to hyper-realism: Tom Meighan, 2nd portrait

  1. I see what you mean by the light in his eyes drawing you to this picture. You create such amazingly real drawings. This is beautiful. And I love your sculptures too! I know what it is like juggling a child and art – it is difficult, but you snatch whatever time you can, don’t you. (I know I did and do). I look forward to seeing more of your work. Regards, Elaine

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful up-lifting words, Elaine, I’m so glad that you liked my works. It was a great chance for me to visit your beautiful blog and discover that there are artists who have to deal with similar difficulties and they do overcome these difficulties. To me it gets extremely hard sometimes, especially being a stay at home mom which brings down psychologically. Yes, I snatch every occasion, but most of the time end up sacrificing my sleep hours, however as long as my health allows I’m happy with it. Once again thanks for your kind words, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful works and interesting posts. Best wishes, Mary

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