Work in progress: Mother and Child clay statue

I’d been so busy that I had completely forgotten about this new statue laying under its plastic cover for weeks! Yesterday I pulled away its cover and found it totally dried! What would you do with a dried clay statue? Well, I must admit that I prefer carving a solid material than modeling the humid sticky clay! So I started carving it (with the same tools I use on a humid clay! OMG!), as the clay was of a soft type, it was not a difficult job. I used a wet brush to soften the harsh surfaces and hide the effect of the carving tools. Who knows whether this technique already exists or I have invented a new one?! Ah, just kidding, this can’t be a big discovery! šŸ˜€ I don’t have the time to search for it, but when I’ll have, will let you know.
I tried to make the whole statue look like a heart, as there’s such an immense love between a mother and child. Since I’ve become a mother, I’m really fascinated by works which are inspired by this divine love, and I really like to create something into which I can put a little of that love. This is my second try. I’ll post the first attempt someday, even if it was very simple.
This one is half done now, I should work on their arms and hands, and the mother’s hair. Also there is still much work to do on their faces. Hope to manage to finish it within a week.

Don’t wonder why the photo looks so ugly, I had to use Photoshop (very hurriedly!) to cover the background with black, to hide my ugly hand (to get the right light on the statue I had to hold it in my hand, it’s almost the size of a hand) and the ugly background of my messy desk! You won’t see this wonderful effect on the completed work! (fingers crossed! :))

mother and child clay statue sketch


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