War is never the answer!

Nothing can drive me crazier than seeing the image of a completely broken parent holding the dead body of their child… Only a parent can understand the depth of this pain. What on earth is worse than this? And if this innocent blossom of life, is shattered and withered only because of the mere madness of some crazy people at power?!!
Tonight I saw a photo of a dead Syrian boy, covered by his blood, on the hands of his broken hearted father, who was crying like hell in pain. My spirit is all shattered, tears continue running on my face, when is this world going to put an end to these tragedies?
Since I was a child I’ve seen heart breaking images like this on TV, on newspapers, and in the recent years on internet. Nothing ever changes.
We are talking about art and music, cake recipes, preparing for Halloween, and people are dying silently out there… Innocent children, who should just laugh and play, are falling like the autumn leaves, and we just keep ourselves busy thinking of something else. Just because they say it’s the way it should be…
I’m not going to talk about politics, it’s useless, craziest people at power are doing whatever they like to this world, and many times they use everything they can to convince people that things are the way they say. No one ever feels any need to think beyond the walls around them. I’m not asking anyone to go and search for the truth. I just think we have the responsibility to close our eyes and shut our ears sometimes, and just think! What is worth the life of these beautiful angels? In all wars among the first victims are children… Can’t you see? This pain is too big, it’s too heavy! We are living in a world where many children are dying because of the wars we could have prevented! Instead we let us get convinced, because it’s easier to sleep and dream of beautiful things, than to wake up and smell the odor of blood and fire in the real world!
I believe that no war can ever be justified by any reason or logic. We are human being, we have wisdom, we have souls, we have hearts, yet we act much worse than animals! Incredible amounts of money are spent on producing weapons, and creating wars. The result? After all these years of blood and massacre are we living in a safer world? And what if all that was financed on education, culture improvement and health throughout the world? Just think about it!!!
Oh my God, it’s incredible that some people can’t see such an evident fact, maybe because they have no experience of what war is in reality. All wars bring violence, insecurity and poverty. Where these three are present there arrives the culture poverty, when there is a poorer culture there are much more ignorant people, and where there is ignorance humanity becomes weaker and weaker. It’s impossible to create something good out of any war. The only way to make any good change in people is to improve their culture, to combat their ignorance by providing them knowledge, there are thousands ways to do so, thousand ways which cost much less than a violent destructive war! Can’t believe that we are at 2012, and yet acting like thousand years before Christ! What has changed in people? Nothing! There is more technology, but humanity is always at risk…

I was thinking of choosing a color for our blogs and social networking pages for November, to show our alertness towards the importance of peace. White or olive green (traditional color of peace) or blue, tell me which one can work better in your opinion, and spread the idea please.

I’m sorry it was the only thing I could do for your soul, innocent lovely child, the saddest shattered blossom, who received those deep painful wounds and shots where parents kisses and caresses should have been received… 😦


2 thoughts on “War is never the answer!

  1. A child is born on a battlefield
    A soldier boy falls to his knees
    And a woman cries in joy and pain
    When will we live in peace again?

    A child is born where the wild wind blows
    In a country torn from the south to the north
    And a family runs from day to day
    When will we see our home again?

    When will we see the simple truth
    The only thing that’s worth a damn

    Life of a child is more than a forest
    Life of a child is more than a border, could ever be

    A child is born in the desert sun
    A tiny life has just begun
    And a mother cries for her hungry baby
    When will I feed my boy again?

    A child is born to an ordinary home
    East or west, it could be anyone
    But we all wanna know, will my child survive to see the day
    When we will be secure again?

    When will we see the simple truth
    That the only thing that’s worth a damn

    Life of a child is more than a forest
    Life of a child is more than a border

    Life of a child is more than a region
    Life of a child is only a heartbeat from eternity

    We must believe for the sake of humanity
    Oh, we must believe

    For the sake of humanity, we must believe

    Source: The Simple Truth (a Child is Born) by Chris de Burgh

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