Stop! Think twice! I am the child, and you are responsible for who I will become!

I am the Child.
All the world waits for my coming.
All the earth watches with interest to see what I shall become.
Civilization hangs in the balance, For what I am, the world of tomorrow will be.

I am the Child.
You hold in your hand my destiny.
You determine, largely, whether I shall succeed or fail.
Give me, I pray you, those things that make for happiness.
Train me, I beg you, that I may be a blessing to the World.

Mamie Gene Cole


And this lovely innocent angel died… And the world watched silently, without even moving a face muscle…

First I apologize all my followers if I’m posting something very different from my ordinary posts… But I really think we all need to ponder about what is going on in the outside world sometimes, and I’m really shocked and heartbroken by the images of the innocent children who are dying everyday because of nothing impossible to be solved in a different way… So thanks for sympathizing with me and how I feel and letting me have this unusual post. Something should be changed in this crazy world, and I’m sure there are so many other people out there who long for a happy peaceful world, where children, the closest creatures to God, are treated as they should be. Where they can laugh and play freely, with no fear of falling bombs, no fear of not seeing tomorrow, no fear of losing their only refuge…

They must put an end to all that stupid politics which take the lives of innocent children. We are on the universal children’s day, what’s the sense of this nomination if nobody cares about them?!! Google has decorated its page with a fancy illustration for kids. Is that all they can do?!! Instead of producing and buying weapons and aiming them to the innocent children and their not-involving in any politics parents and relatives, can’t them spend all that money on education, culture improvement and combating poverty all throughout the world?!! Have you ever thought about all the violence against women and children that exists in every country? How many people are being hurt or killed because of the lack of mental health and poor culture of those who once were children who didn’t receive enough care and attention? Is there any greater threat to humanity than ignorance, the only real ’cause of violence? Can’t them plant some seeds of peace if they really want a better world?!! Don’t they know that seeds of violence and hatred can’t grow into anything but more violence and hatred?!!
Violence and his father ignorance are horrible diseases that should be cured to let humanity breathe again, and they can never ever be cured by applying the diseases themselves!

It’s too heartbreaking that this beautiful baby’s wonderful smile is not shining anymore on our planet…:( I can’t even dare to imagine what his parents have been through…
“His name is Omar Misharawi. He is the son of Jihad Misharawi – a journalist for the BBC’s Arabic news service. Misharawi’s house was hit by the pinpoint, carefully targeted, hi-tech, only-kill-the-bad-guys missiles being hurled into the heavily packed residential areas of Gaza by the Israeli military.” Chris Floyd
And the sadder fact is that he’s not the only victim child…
Don’t know about other parts of the world, but on Italy news – to be precise on Rai1 channel – they announced Israel is attacking military targets of Gaza! And what about all those recent horrible images of wounded and dead Palestinian children showing on many blogs?!! Why do they continue censoring these news?!! Is it that human lives are valued by the nationality?!! Isn’t it horrible?

Save the children, save the humanity, save the world…


5 thoughts on “Stop! Think twice! I am the child, and you are responsible for who I will become!

  1. “they announced Israel is attacking military targets of Gaza”

    The problem is that Israel’s definition of a military target is highly suspect. Basically, anything the Israeli occupation forces choose to shell into oblivion is considered a military target. And Gaza is, of course one of the most densely populated regions on earth, so even if they are attacking “military” targets, loss of civilian life is inevitable.

    I’m guessing that in Italy the news media also claimed, as they did here in the UK, that Israel’s assault on the civilian population of Gaza was “in response” to Palestinian rockets? Also not true:

    • You’re right, it was “targets”, not “zones”, my English is not very good. But it doesn’t change the facts, ‘cause Israel has the most high-tech precise targeting weapons, so could avoid killing innocent people if it really wanted to.
      I don’t remember very well what they exactly announced on TV but the allover was that Israelis attacks were in response to Gaza’s rockets, to defend itself. Not mentioning how the whole story was initiated, and not talking about Palestinian children being killed:
      As also cited on the link you shared.
      The other point is the definition of “defense”. Israel is a rich country, I have read on internet it has spent lots of money on building secure shelters for its civilians. This is the right definition of “defense” I believe and that’s all. I guess defending can’t be killing 4 civilians for 2 injured soldiers! This is called retaliation, or something worse, ’cause the victims were civilians.
      While Palestine has become so poor mainly because of the severe restrictions imposed to its economy by Israel government. They can’t afford living easily, how could they afford building expensive shelters to save their children’s lives?
      I hate politics, I’ve never been into it, but to see innocent children dying in such an absurd way just drives me nuts, fills my heart with pain, so I sit and write, so I go and read on blogs to understand what’s really going on. I believe it’s time to stop these stupid games, it’s time to wake up, children are our tomorrow, our only hopes for a better world…

  2. Mary Dreamsculptor, your essay is exactly what needs to be written and what should be heard. We need love and compassion in this world— not more targets of death and destruction — I am an American and my heart bleeds for what our government does, i.e.drone attacks–more killing of innocent lives. I can only write and be one more voice for peace –greed and capitalism control the votes in this country– we are not a nation of freedom — our political voice is gone and too many people are living under a suppression many still do not realize. I still vote–I vote for peaceful candidates–but they too disillusion me–it seems they all end up siding with killing. You and your art sculpturing remind the world of what LIFE should be–YOU are so important to our world! Thank you for what you do! Your writing above is so IMPORTANT for our world! We must keep reminding humanity!

    • Johannisthinking, many thanks to you for your beautiful essays, poems and writings, and many thanks also for your kind comments. Thanks for being such a precious source of inspiration of peace and love.
      It hurts me a lot when I see the world in such a horrible chaos for nothing, but the greed of some people. And it hurts worse seeing the most innocent, the most loving and the most lovely creatures, the children, being a big part of the victims in this chaos. I don’t know what on earth can be more precious than the smile of children, than the divine light dancing in their happy eyes. Isn’t it that we’re all gonna leave everything we possess and die with empty hands one day?
      Let’s just continue hoping for a world where there is one religion: LOVE, and one nation: HUMANITY!

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