My unfinished finished statue!

With all the recent tragic events I feel completely reluctant to go on with my latest statue. Considering it talks about the great love between mother and child, the images of Palestinian mothers crying over their dead babies come into my mind and leave a deep pain in my heart… My statue tries to show the peace and love which every mother and every child has the right to feel and to live with, while outside in the real world many mothers and many children are deprived from this very vital right for many reasons, and wars are among the most absurd reasons for such a horrible loss.
So I just post the photos of the statue’s last state of progress and consider it finished.
Hope you like it!


5 thoughts on “My unfinished finished statue!

  1. Took one look at this statue and absolutely loved it!

    Then I read the intro, and loved it even more.
    Glad to know there are other artists who feel the same way.

    There can be NO excuse for killing innocent babies and their mothers and fathers, least of all greed.

    • Thank you very much for your beautiful words!

      You’re right, and if the world is going on the way it went on thousands of years ago, where wars and killing innocent people were the only ways of resolving problems, that means we are still thousands of years behind! Then something is going wrong with human beings, and the sad part is that they don’t even notice this!
      People are just too busy with their shopping and TV shows to care about the death of the innocent children…

      • Exactly my sentiments, couldn’t agree more with You!

        After years of analyzing this “zombism” I have concluded that behind a long chain af greed, the final source of all evil is Weapons Industry. When death is a profitable business, someone somewhere has to die for others to buy iPhone for their kid and a ticket to space-tour!

        The democratic system we live in has been hacked by these people! Our votes and our voices mean nothing. No matter who you choose the same things will continue to happen in the world.

        While I do not believe I can do anything to change any of this, I still feel it my moral obligation and duty to my children to oppose all this, at least in word. So I wrote a piece about this on my other blog here:

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