Art or not art, I love knitting!

This is what I’ve been up to recently! Sorry if it doesn’t have anything to do with a portrait drawing, but sometimes you just need to spend that created out of nothing extra time, to sit down on a cozy coach and put aside all the worries and thoughts that bite your nerves during the day! And what can relax your tired mind better than knitting? Not everyone may consider this art (I personally do), but believe me, it is for sure a very meditative and relaxing activity. And the result is so satisfactory! This one keeps my toddler quite warm as I used 100% wool yarn, and with the season’s yarn discounts spent only 8 euros for the supplies!

V-Neck Knitting Vest for Boy Toddler

V-Neck Knitting Vest for Boy Toddler

As for the design I just looked at some V-Neck vests using Google image search and then mixed the ideas to get my own design. It seemed like it was never going to finish, both the yarn and needles were so fine (used 3mm needles for this vest), and not having knitted for years I had forgotten many working details, but fortunately internet made it easy to find whatever I needed, and even tricks I never knew about, to get the result I was hoping for. Just wish I could keep all this detail safe in my mind for my next try on knitting! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Art or not art, I love knitting!

    • Thank you very much!
      Exactly, there are times that my drawing and sculpting mood just get blocked, and that was frustrating before. Fortunately I’m finally back to knitting, such a great way to meditate, relax and have fun through those times. I love crochet too, getting inspired by your beautiful works!

      • There is so much crochet to find on WordPress in the reader. I have found some really beautiful things to make. I’ve only been crocheting fro a few months now and find it so much fun – and so much quicker than knitting. Still love knitting though 🙂

        • Wow! You’re very talented, looking at your works I thought you’ve been crocheting for years!
          I did crochet many years ago, but couldn’t imagine that one can create so many beautiful things with it, I just used it to do classic works as covers for the table, etc.

          • Thanks for the compliment Mary. I’ve fallen in love with crochet. It is great the way crochet has updated itself and it is no longer just tablecloths and doilies. There are some really talented designers out there.

    • Thank you very much Jill. When I start knitting it was very difficult to me. I was a teenage, and it was a part of our school program. So beside math, chemistry and physics, etc. we were obliged to learn knitting and sewing too! I had no choice than struggling to learn it, and I really didn’t enjoy it. Now the experience is totally different, maybe you can try it again, there are very nice videos on YouTube which teach anything one might need to know for knitting.

  1. This IS all part of your art because it is part of your life. I think it is really refreshing to see bits and pieces of other things artists are doing. I know I love to share those on my art blog as well. So you never have to apologise for something not being ‘Art’ with a capital A. Thanks for Liking a recent post on ArtCalling 🙂 Sarah

    • Thank you very much for your inspiring words, Sarah. I love to know what artists who visit my blog would think about the subjects of my posts, thanks a lot for taking the time and let me know what you think.
      I thought some people may follow my blog because they are interested in sculpting or drawing, and not in other fields, so they’d rather not to see a baby vest image appearing on their reader page… Your words were such a relief.
      And as for liking your post, I absolutely love your oil paintings and it’s a pleasure for me every time I see your works and read about your painting procedures.
      Thanks a lot for sharing them 🙂

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