Another clay statue: Holding the Miracle!

I was waiting for the arrival of my son when I first created this statue. Just did a rough sculpture out of clay to express and to capture that peaceful feeling of being connected to the whole universe as a part of the creation process. I called it “Holding the Miracle”.
Since then every time I looked at it I saw lots of missing details, so every now and then I picked up the dried statue and carved it to add details to different parts of it, using a cutter. Now I just don’t feel to add any more details, so finally it can be announced finished! 🙂
I’m not yet informed whether this is a known technique, or whether it’s a right thing to do, can’t even know how it will look after being fired, until it will be fired actually. I just find it easier to add details to a hardened dried clay with a nice sharp cutter, than to get crazy with the sticky wet clay.

Holding the Miracle, clay statue - Front View

Holding the Miracle, clay statue – Front View

When a woman discovers that she’s going to become a mother usually there’s a rush of different feelings, there are worries, doubts, fears… but then those difficult to describe moments arrive. The moments I tried to depict with my statue, those filled with the joy of holding a miracle of God and the happiness of being the shelter and refuge for a tiny creature, giving all that can be offered to that little angel whose heartbeats begin to be heard on checkup sessions, and soon his miraculous movements are felt. That sweetness and joy get over the fears and doubts, and that’s how a very unprepared and inexperienced girl is transformed into a loving mother, then day by day just as her existence melt into her child’s, her dreams one by one melt into one: the happiness of her child.

Holding the miracle, clay statue - Right View

Holding the miracle, clay statue – Right View


This is how it was originally, achieved by working with wet clay only:

The original rough clay statue

Then by an accident that part of hair over her shoulder was broken and after many failed attempts to fix it I just decided to totally eliminate the remnants from her shoulder and face.

Hope you liked this post. For my next sculpture I’m going to record a video, stay tuned! 😀


11 thoughts on “Another clay statue: Holding the Miracle!

  1. This sculpture looks great! you are very talented. Using wet clay is not only messy but very hard! (in my opinion) I’m looking forward to see it baked. Will you paint it or glaze it?

    • Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you. Yes, working with that clay is very hard, but it’s easily affordable, so I find the best choice to work on it to a certain point, and add more details when it’s dried. I’ve not painted or glazed any of my statues yet, but would like to try glazing on this one.

  2. love love love this!! so so beautiful. you are very talented. i agree, love her hair as it is now. so much emotion, amazing.

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