5 hours of sculpting in a 3 min. video!

So I finally managed to record a video while sculpting the basics of a head, 5 hours of work reduced in 3 min. approx. Will post some photos of how it looks now later.
It has been a great practice and I learned a lot while working on it.

What’s fun about this video is that I recorded it simply with my 4 years old cell phone, and the sad part is that it was the mission impossible to keep that cell phone where it should have stayed! And the craziest thing about it was the cell phone memory running out every now and then, so you see some gaps and some jumps in the scenes.
If the music drives you nuts just turn it off, well it’s the very first time that I’m trying to create a digital audio, and I really had to! After getting informed that I actually couldn’t use any commercial song or music for my video to be put on YouTube, and before getting crazy to understand the copyright rules and find a free music, I just decided to create a very short piece of audio to add to this video, and voila!

This sculpture has yet a long way to be completed, but I just wanted to share this funny video to show you how I actually begin a sculpture. I don’t make the right proportions at the start, just get it while proceeding, adding every now and then some amounts of clay where there’s a lack of it. I also need to open the sculpture every now and then and add some more paper to create more volume when it’s needed.

I’m eager to know what you think about it, considering that it’s half-done and not completed. Your comments under my video on YouTube are also very appreciated.
Cheers! 🙂


8 thoughts on “5 hours of sculpting in a 3 min. video!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the video and let me know what you think about it, so uplifting.
      Yes, I usually don’t use a model or reference for my sculptures, also working on this one, up to a certain point I didn’t have a specific person on my mind, but then at some point I decided to turn it into a singer’s head. I watch some of his photos and videos when I find the time, and try to keep his face details in mind, occasionally I take a look at the photos also while working, when I can’t remember specific details.
      I’m not mentioning the singer’s name now just to see whether after finishing the work someone will guess his name or not. However looking at my drawings one may discover it already… 🙂

  1. Wow, Mary, this is looking so good. Only problem is I want to watch you doing it in real time not so fast! Do you pull the paper out once it is dry or does it go into the kiln to burn up in there? You just use thin slabs of clay and build up on that – it looks to work really well. I’ve only seen this done with coil building before, drying as you go to give the throat the firmness to hold the head up. It will be interesting to see who this turns out to be!

    • Thank you so much for your inspiring and helpful words, Elaine. I’m so happy that you’ve liked the video! Sorry for the speed of it, I was just afraid that it could become boring as the procession was very slow. Will take some screen shots and post them to show the procedure better as soon as I find a couple of free hours.
      The paper core stays there and will burn up in the kiln during firing, I’ve seen that some people use other materials instead of paper, but paper just works fine for me.
      I long to find the time to finish this sculpture, and then wait to see if someone guesses who he is! 🙂

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