Updates of the mysterious singer’s sculpture!

Last night I worked about 5 hours on my latest clay sculpture and here are some photos of the result. Having to deal with lack of sleep is not easy for me, it can’t be if you have a long day full of responsibilities and duties ahead, but incredibly I just don’t feel tired today! Maybe it’s because I’m happy with how my sculpture has turned out to be.
Up to now 15 to 18 hours have been spent on it, and at least 5 more hours are needed, as his eyes, lips, hair and neck still need a lot of work. However it’s now looking much more like the singer who I’m trying to sculpt. If you have seen my last post, you’ll notice that the hair of the statue has been changed, I changed it so that it could look more like how this singer is now. If you like to try and guess his name, please drop a comment, thanks! 🙂


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