Another portrait drawing on board!

This is a new portrait drawing which I hope (crossing fingers!) to finish soon, then I will post some photos of the different steps together with the finished work and some more info.
And yes, here my magical mechanical pencil finally shows up! That Pelikan eraser is great too! For this drawing, just as my other recent drawings, I’ve used only these two tools and some tissue for softening the shades.
Hope you like it! πŸ™‚

Mechanical Pencil Portrait Drawing

Mechanical Pencil Portrait Drawing


11 thoughts on “Another portrait drawing on board!

    • I had tried other types of pencils like charcoal or soft 5-9B pencils for darker shades, but they didn’t match with traces of the mechanical pencil, and the details I like to obtain are very hard to achieve using other types of pencils that I know (I guess there are lots of other tools to get darker shades that I don’t know), so I use mechanical pencil for all the shades and lines. That’s why I call it magical πŸ˜€ there’s no need to even change the lead grade, it’s always the same Staedtler 0.5 mm HB. In fact the only magic or secret is simply hidden in the amount of pressure applied on the pencil. I pass the pencil different times with more pressure for darker shades (trying not to harm the paper), and apply no pressure or very little for bright areas. Though a good quality paper is needed, smooth Fabriano 220 gr. works fine, it resists the pressure of pencil to a good point.
      However this photo is a bit dark itself (the white paper seems gray), as I’m not a good photographer. Will try to scan the finished work for a more accurate result.

    • Well, maybe my explanation is not very clear, I’m just thinking of recording a video while drawing, though my facilities are very limited and most often I work at night, when it’s hard to obtain a good light for recording. However it’s on my projects list! πŸ™‚

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