Harbor glance – drawing finished!

Finally it’s finished! Here is the scanned image of the completed drawing (I used compuet to add the watermark on it).
I did my best to scan it the nearest possible to the actual drawing, struggling with the scanner light settings, but it always came out too light or too dark. This one represented the original work the best, but it’s slightly darker. I think the problem is the graphite itself, using a camera or scanner doesn’t make a big difference, it reflects light very much, specially when the whole drawing is done by an HB lead. I think the harder grades reflect the light more when they are pressed a lot on the paper.

Click to see a larger image.
Realistic Portrait Drawing - Harbour Glance

Here are some photos I managed to take occasionally. Again working at night with lack of proper facilities they just came out with a horrible quality. I tried to fix the lights a bit on computer, but not very much could have been done. However I’m posting them to show you some steps of the drawing process.
It took about 30 to 35 hours of work and the tools used for it as I’ve probably mentioned before were: Fabriano 220 gr. 22×33 cm smooth white paper, Pelikan kneaded eraser, mechanical pencil with HB 0,5 mm Staedtler leads. For softening the bigger shaded areas I used make-up cleaning tissues (cosmetic cotton-wool pads), and for the smaller parts “ear cleaning sticks”! Yes, you read it correctly! πŸ˜€ Well, I had received this box of cosmetic pads and ear cleaning sticks some times ago, when I read somewhere on internet that cosmetic pads are great as smoothing tools for graphite drawings I opened the box, and then a lamp was lighted in my mind looking at the ears cleaning sticks: they would work as smoothing tools for the fine shades! And they worked!

As for the model, she doesn’t want me to talk about her, however gave me all the rights to her photo to be used as a model for my drawing, so I can put this drawing for sale! Thanks to her πŸ™‚
If you’re interested to buy contact me on marysculptor at gmail.com
Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post, see you soon in the next post (crossing fingers!).


30 thoughts on “Harbor glance – drawing finished!

    • Thank you very much! It was the first time I was drawing water, and it turned out to be the hardest subject I’ve ever drawn, spent something between 15 to 18 hours on drawing only the water.

        • Yes, there were too many hours of work for the water, and I would have sat and continued working on it if I just hadn’t forced myself to stop! πŸ™‚

          I’m glad that the tip was useful. Thanks for letting me know about it. That’s a nice job, keep working and never let any difficult condition stop your love for drawing.

          • I don’t know that feeling, because only sometimes I want to do everyting perfect, but often I just want to get something finished.
            And thanks for your nice answer, don’t let you stop either, because art is always a question of interpretation. πŸ˜‰

            • You’re most welcome. πŸ™‚ Ah, I’m struggling hard for not letting the circumstances stop me another time… In order to finish a work I have to face many days with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep! Difficult conditions have stopped me several times in my life, this time I’m putting all my strength not to let them win, however I’m many years behind.
              I wish you make the best out of the brilliant years you have ahead. x

    • Your beautiful words are always so inspiring, Jill. Thank you very much. I’m glad you liked the stages, wish I could take more photos. Next time I will try to capture more stages of the drawing process.
      About drawing hair, I think it’s mostly the question of patience and the amount of time spent on it. If you look at the first drawings on my blog, I tried to escape drawing detailed hair. Then at a certain point just as a challenge I tried to face it, so concentrated a lot on drawn hair while looking at the realistic pencil portrait samples on internet, and spent more time on drawing it. The more time is spent, the better the result.

  1. Somehow I forgot just how ridiculously good your work is when I was responding to the kind comments you had left on my blog, Mary… I mean… wow (I bad about how basic my responses were… there’s nothing I could have said that you clearly don’t already know)! SO nice!

    • OMG! Your responses were really helpful! Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions so completely and kindly. And thanks a lot for your very very kind comment. As for my work… I struggled for more than 30 hours and it’s still far away from hyper-realism! I enjoyed drawing it and am happy with the result, but my aim is to achieve more realism. My knowledge about tools for drawing, good brands of them and existing techniques is very limited, I’m trying to learn more.
      I just love your portrait drawings where realism and poetry are both present. It’s hard to keep those two aspects together in a drawing, going toward hyper-realism most of the time the poetry is lost.
      Can’t wait to see more of your drawings!

    • Thank you very much! Wow, that was one of the most amazing hyper-realistic paintings I have ever seen! That’s where I long to get in drawing or painting! It inspired me a lot to try drawing on larger scale papers and see if there will be any improvement in my work. When the drawing I’m working on (using one of your works as model) will be finished I’ll give it a try. However the way to achieve that much proficiency is too long for me, specially not having even the time to practice, but I won’t loose hope! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Mary!
    Your artwork is really amazing and thank you so much for sharing it and providing us a chance to learn things from it! And also, thank you for the courage that exists in your words and what you say!!! I’ve also been through difficulties and I’ve left drawing for a long time … So, thank you again!! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Victoria!
      Thank you so much for your beautiful words! I’m sorry I couldn’t check my blog before to reply sooner, saw your comment just a few minutes ago, and I’m feeling very inspired and happy after reading it! So great to know that you find my posts useful!
      I was very determined to continue drawing when I started this blog, but now I’m into another branch of art, had to stop drawing for a while. However it would be a temporary pause.
      Wish that you overcome the difficulties so that you can continue drawing!
      As for me, I’m still in the battle, fighting hard, sleeping few hours, looking like a zombie! πŸ˜› But can still manage to create something and am grateful for that.
      Thank you again! πŸ™‚
      Best wishes,

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