First portrait using watercolor pencil!

Guess I’m back to my creative mood again! I have started a new drawing few weeks ago, but because of my not-collaborating mood, it has become one of those really slow and gradual drawings, which remain untouched for several days or even a week! Until 2 days ago while putting in order a closet, I accidentally found some watercolor supplies I’d received as a gift times ago. Following several great watercolor artists on WordPress, I have been inspired a lot to try this media. So I just couldn’t help but grabbing the black watercolor pencil and trying to draw a portrait, using one of the Kurt Cobain’s famous photos as model, ’cause it was in black and white and old enough. The result is not comparable to the work obtained by mechanical pencil, the hair on the left side for example doesn’t even look like hair! lol The fact that I did all in less than 3 hours is just hilarious for me, specially because it was my first try with watercolor pencil. I’m curious to see how it would work with real watercolor for me, ’cause watercolor pencils are easier to use.
Anyway those 2-3 hours of free drawing and painting, without any worries for mistakes just lifted my creating mood. I could even come back to my unfinished drawing. There will be sleepless, “drawingful” nights ahead, but I believe it’s worth it! 🙂

Click on the image to see a bigger image.

Kurt Cobain's portrait -  Black Faber-Castell watercolor pencil on 300 g. 21x29,7 cm Fabriano watercolor paper

Kurt Cobain’s portrait – Black Faber-Castell watercolor pencil on 300 g. 21×29,7 cm Fabriano watercolor paper


10 thoughts on “First portrait using watercolor pencil!

  1. Very nice, I am perfecting the art of water colour pencils and finding I forget to leave enough white, this is outstanding and enjoy coming to your site as then I pick up my pencils again.

    • What a beautiful comment, thank you so much! It made a big smile on my face, encouraged and inspired me a lot! I’m so glad that you’re back to your pencils, are you planning to use them also for illustrating your book?
      I found them very handy (actually found “it” very handy, as I’ve tried only 1 color for now), it’s good that you don’t have to wet all the paper, therefore the paper doesn’t change its shape. For this work I didn’t fix the paper on a board, didn’t even have to separate the paper from its block. 🙂

      • I have been using a combination in my book illustrations, on some I tape the wet paper down and use wet water colour for background, but the actual images are completed with dry watercolour pencils. I have heard that many children’s book illustrators say steer clear of water colour pencils because they don’t transfer to well in the printing process and the colours are never as vibrant. I have also heard that it all comes down the quality of the printers. It is all new to me but as I learn I feel watercolour is the way to go, I feel comfortable using it, only time and experience will tell. I enjoy coming to your site because it inspires me to work hard at my dreams too.

        • Thanks a lot for the precious information. I had no idea about the problems with printing watercolor pencil painting!

          Telling that my blog inspires you is a great encouragement and inspiration for me! Many times I seem like running out of energy and inspiration to go on, to stay awake at night drawing, to go to bed at 4-5 am. and encounter difficulties the day after for the lack of sleep. But comments like yours give me strength and hope, and I feel like I’m fresh and full of energy again! By the way, your beautiful blog is a source of inspiration for me too!

    • Thank you so much, Jill. I always thought I would mess up with a wet brush on the paper, but finally had the courage to give it a try. Your wonderful paintings have inspired me a lot. I haven’t yet found the courage to try the real watercolor though, it seems very complicated.

  2. Sehr gut Mary!

    [Nirvana-Kurt Cobain-Unplugged-The Man Who Sold The World:]

    We passed upon the stairs
    Spoken was and when
    Although I wasn’t there
    He said, “I was his friend”
    Which came as a surprise
    I spoke into his eyes
    I thought you died alone
    A long long time ago

    Oh no, not me
    We never lost control
    You’re face to face
    With the man who sold the world

    I laughed and shook his hand
    And made my way back home
    I searched for farming land
    Years and years I roamed
    I gazed a gazer stare

    We marked a million hills
    I must have died alone
    A long long time ago

    Who knows?
    Not me
    I never lost control
    You’re face, to face
    With the man who sold the world

    Who knows?
    Not me
    We never lost control
    You’re face, to face
    With the man who sold the world…

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