Time always unwinding, all these dead lines in my mind…

Still struggling with my pain I came to this amazing video and song yesterday. Needless to mention how much I cried with this very impressive video. It is very sad but at the same time looks at death through a different frame which leaves you some hope.
I can’t get over it yet, I miss my brother so much, and everyday instead of getting a bit healed I feel more pain. Can’t believe that I won’t see his lovely face anymore, can’t believe that I won’t hear his beautiful voice… While people he died for have very quickly restarted their normal life, just like nothing has happened, I’m struggling days and nights to overcome this pain…

I’d like to share this song and video with everyone who have lost someone very dear in life. Wishing for our beloved ones who left, eternal peace and happiness, and so much strength for us who remain with the pain to go on, until the day we will meet them again.


6 thoughts on “Time always unwinding, all these dead lines in my mind…

  1. Mary I cannot open the clip my internet is slowed but I just wanted to to say hello today and hope time heals some wounds. It sounds like your brother was an amazing guy, we never know when our time is up. Live each day as if it were your last was something my dear dad use to say. Yesterday when I woke up, I went for a walk, the air was still and the sun kissed the tops of the mountains and I felt close to the ones I have lost. I feel them around me often and I am sure your brother is there sitting with you and wishing he could comfort you. x

    • Kath, thanks a million for your beautiful words. You’re very kind and sensitive, a very nice friend. And you write so beautifully, I could really feel the peace that you’ve experienced yesterday through your words.
      Your dad’s absolutely right, alas I didn’t live like that. I lived as if I had many years ahead, I was always waiting for the proper time to keep in touch with my brother as I should. We were both very busy indeed, but the one who left was him, and it’s me who have to deal with the pain, all the memories and all the lost chances.
      Yes Kath, he was a very amazing person. I lost my father very soon and my brother somehow meant also a father to me.
      I’m just dying for one hug, or goodbye kiss, there were years I couldn’t see him. Hope God gives me the strength to overcome this pain. There are times when I feel stronger, and times when I feel weak and desperate.
      Thank you so much again, it’s so beautiful to read your words, and to feel that I’m not alone.
      I wish for you and all your family a long long life full of love, serenity and happiness with all my heart. x

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