Another portrait drawing on board!

This is a new portrait drawing which I hope (crossing fingers!) to finish soon, then I will post some photos of the different steps together with the finished work and some more info.
And yes, here my magical mechanical pencil finally shows up! That Pelikan eraser is great too! For this drawing, just as my other recent drawings, I’ve used only these two tools and some tissue for softening the shades.
Hope you like it! πŸ™‚

Mechanical Pencil Portrait Drawing

Mechanical Pencil Portrait Drawing


Updates of the mysterious singer’s sculpture!

Last night I worked about 5 hours on my latest clay sculpture and here are some photos of the result. Having to deal with lack of sleep is not easy for me, it can’t be if you have a long day full of responsibilities and duties ahead, but incredibly I just don’t feel tired today! Maybe it’s because I’m happy with how my sculpture has turned out to be.
Up to now 15 to 18 hours have been spent on it, and at least 5 more hours are needed, as his eyes, lips, hair and neck still need a lot of work. However it’s now looking much more like the singer who I’m trying to sculpt. If you have seen my last post, you’ll notice that the hair of the statue has been changed, I changed it so that it could look more like how this singer is now. If you like to try and guess his name, please drop a comment, thanks! πŸ™‚

5 hours of sculpting in a 3 min. video!

So I finally managed to record a video while sculpting the basics of a head, 5 hours of work reduced in 3 min. approx. Will post some photos of how it looks now later.
It has been a great practice and I learned a lot while working on it.

What’s fun about this video is that I recorded it simply with my 4 years old cell phone, and the sad part is that it was the mission impossible to keep that cell phone where it should have stayed! And the craziest thing about it was the cell phone memory running out every now and then, so you see some gaps and some jumps in the scenes.
If the music drives you nuts just turn it off, well it’s the very first time that I’m trying to create a digital audio, and I really had to! After getting informed that I actually couldn’t use any commercial song or music for my video to be put on YouTube, and before getting crazy to understand the copyright rules and find a free music, I just decided to create a very short piece of audio to add to this video, and voila!

This sculpture has yet a long way to be completed, but I just wanted to share this funny video to show you how I actually begin a sculpture. I don’t make the right proportions at the start, just get it while proceeding, adding every now and then some amounts of clay where there’s a lack of it. I also need to open the sculpture every now and then and add some more paper to create more volume when it’s needed.

I’m eager to know what you think about it, considering that it’s half-done and not completed. Your comments under my video on YouTube are also very appreciated.
Cheers! πŸ™‚

Another clay statue: Holding the Miracle!

I was waiting for the arrival of my son when I first created this statue. Just did a rough sculpture out of clay to express and to capture that peaceful feeling of being connected to the whole universe as a part of the creation process. I called it “Holding the Miracle”.
Since then every time I looked at it I saw lots of missing details, so every now and then I picked up the dried statue and carved it to add details to different parts of it, using a cutter. Now I just don’t feel to add any more details, so finally it can be announced finished! πŸ™‚
I’m not yet informed whether this is a known technique, or whether it’s a right thing to do, can’t even know how it will look after being fired, until it will be fired actually. I just find it easier to add details to a hardened dried clay with a nice sharp cutter, than to get crazy with the sticky wet clay.

Holding the Miracle, clay statue - Front View

Holding the Miracle, clay statue – Front View

When a woman discovers that she’s going to become a mother usually there’s a rush of different feelings, there are worries, doubts, fears… but then those difficult to describe moments arrive. The moments I tried to depict with my statue, those filled with the joy of holding a miracle of God and the happiness of being the shelter and refuge for a tiny creature, giving all that can be offered to that little angel whose heartbeats begin to be heard on checkup sessions, and soon his miraculous movements are felt. That sweetness and joy get over the fears and doubts, and that’s how a very unprepared and inexperienced girl is transformed into a loving mother, then day by day just as her existence melt into her child’s, her dreams one by one melt into one: the happiness of her child.

Holding the miracle, clay statue - Right View

Holding the miracle, clay statue – Right View


This is how it was originally, achieved by working with wet clay only:

The original rough clay statue

Then by an accident that part of hair over her shoulder was broken and after many failed attempts to fix it I just decided to totally eliminate the remnants from her shoulder and face.

Hope you liked this post. For my next sculpture I’m going to record a video, stay tuned! πŸ˜€

Finally a new portrait drawing!

Finally I managed to post a drawing! This is the latest, working on it VERY occasionally, maybe half an hour a week! I’ve reached the point at which a drawing can be considered finished, while you can still add lots of details to it. So I share it with you, but guess will continue working on it, adding those crazy details to make it more realistic.
Click on the image for a higher resolution image.

Pencil Realistic Portrait Drawing

Realistic Pencil Portrait Drawing

Materials used for this drawing are almost the same as before: my magical mechanical pencil, smooth Fabriano paper (this time I used the heavier one: 220 gr.) and Pelikan white gum eraser.

Hope you like it. πŸ™‚

Interior Peace, one of my old clay sculptures

Interior Peace, woman clay statue profile

I sculpted this clay statue some years ago, as it’s a very rough work I wasn’t sure whether it could appear on my blog or not…
Lately I took another look at it, and thought I still like it a lot. Called it interior peace, a capture of a state of being, when you can finally be at peace with yourself, so with all the universe.
When you finally embrace your being, you embrace the whole universe…
It’s very hard to keep that state, I guess everyone experience it for a very limited time in their life, and then everyday routines and rigid styles of living and thinking take you back to your usual place. So I tried to do something which could recall me that great peace whenever I’d look at it, and there came out this statue! Hope you like it too πŸ™‚

Art or not art, I love knitting!

This is what I’ve been up to recently! Sorry if it doesn’t have anything to do with a portrait drawing, but sometimes you just need to spend that created out of nothing extra time, to sit down on a cozy coach and put aside all the worries and thoughts that bite your nerves during the day! And what can relax your tired mind better than knitting? Not everyone may consider this art (I personally do), but believe me, it is for sure a very meditative and relaxing activity. And the result is so satisfactory! This one keeps my toddler quite warm as I used 100% wool yarn, and with the season’s yarn discounts spent only 8 euros for the supplies!

V-Neck Knitting Vest for Boy Toddler

V-Neck Knitting Vest for Boy Toddler

As for the design I just looked at some V-Neck vests using Google image search and then mixed the ideas to get my own design. It seemed like it was never going to finish, both the yarn and needles were so fine (used 3mm needles for this vest), and not having knitted for years I had forgotten many working details, but fortunately internet made it easy to find whatever I needed, and even tricks I never knew about, to get the result I was hoping for. Just wish I could keep all this detail safe in my mind for my next try on knitting! πŸ™‚