I’ve always been in love with visual arts! All my school books were full of drawings, but I was told to be an artist is not a great challenge, so my wings were always fastened by some more worthy activity! After many years wasted being busy in different fields, finally being obliged to stop working outside after the arrival of my little baby, I’m back to my beloved activities. My wings are still fastened as taking care of a baby and housework alone need a superhero, however I feel the strings are looser this time, I’m understanding that deactivating my Facebook account, or sleeping 5 hours a day don’t kill me, but not being able to create will definitely kill my soul! So in this period of my life which is the busiest ever, strangely I can manage to dedicate some time to artistic activities every now and then, and I’m so proud of myself for this! πŸ™‚

I love sculpting, drawing portraits, painting… well painting is too luxurious for me (can’t handle washing brushes and palette each time I paint, takes too much time for someone in rush like me!), have to postpone it for now… Also animating and illustrating books for kids make my spirit fly high!

My biggest dream? A peaceful world, where all the children can live their childhood with happiness, far from all worries, a world where people finally understand how sacred children are, and let God’s light continue shining in their innocent eyes. That light will save us all!

On this blog I’d like to share any artistic work I do, for now there’s no possibilities to publish them elsewhere, but if it happens will let you know :).

All of the materials (writings, images, etc.) published on this blog as my personal works are copyrighted, you can use them only by adding the link to the page you’ve taken it from, and by letting me know about it.

Thanks for being here πŸ™‚


32 thoughts on “About

    • It was my pleasure to visit your blog, and your beautiful paintings, love your style. Thanks to you for your very kind comment and your beautiful words. I hadn’t too much patience neither (with pencils or clay), only recently I’m developing some, don’t know how it happened!

    • You’re most welcome, your blog is very helpful and your posts very beautifully written.
      I believe parents have the greatest responsibility on earth, ’cause the way they raise and educate their children will influence the whole world in some way. So you’re doing a great job to help parents on their greatest mission.
      Looking forward to reading more posts from you.
      And thanks for visiting my blog xx

  1. dear Mary, you wrote: “…, but I was told to be an artist is not a great challenge, so my wings were always fastened by some more worthy activity! .” I “heard” these words myself and then repeated them to myself…YOU have broken free! Your sculpturing is beautiful! You have such gentleness in what you have created! I am glad you have found your wings!

  2. I am NOMINATING YOU for the BEST MOMENT AWARD…because you did not give up on your inner dream of being an artist!

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    Awarding the people who live in the moment,
    the noble who write and capture the best in life,
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  5. Hi Mary,
    I nominated you for the VERY INSPIRING BLOG AWARD….it is regarding the posting above…I had to choose 15 bloggers…..and I could NOT leave you out of the nominations! You are #4 above—-it does NOT mean you were #4 on my list of pleasure—–just a number……..YOU are unique in your sculpturing!

    • Hi Jane,
      that’s very kind of you, thank you very much! I’m really honored, and it makes me so happy to know that you consider my blog inspiring. Thanks a million!
      I’m so sorry that I can’t manage to re-post as mentioned in the rules. Those rules are a bit complicated for a person like me who needs lots of time to write a single sentence and is always in lack of time. And choosing some bloggers between the bloggers I follow could become the most impossible mission!
      I appreciate your kindness with all my heart.
      Wishing you all the best.

    • Thanks a million Wayne, that’s so kind of you! I really appreciate this nomination. Unfortunately I’ve been away from my blog for a while, guess I’d be away still for a while…
      The rules of Awards seem a bit difficult to me to follow, I’m not sure whether I can manage to accomplish it, I wish I could.
      Many thanks and my best wishes.

  6. Mary, please add me to you’re contact list. I’m not really very good with computers and just recently opened a FB Page. If for some reason I download or post some if you’re material somewhere I’m not supposed to, please forgive me and please be sure and let me know. I’m a very simple married man living in KY at the moment and am 57 this year. I have some disabilities and came from a big family of 8 children. The first 6 of which my mother had a year apart. 2 sisters and 5 brothers. I’ve lost my oldest sister and a brother 4 years younger to Cancer. My father passed away 6 yrs ago, and due to Chronic Pain along with a Triple Bypass Surgery, I was not able to attend, as I was living in TX at the time of his death. The pArt that hurts worst is that the 2 that are gone now, we’re some of my best friend siblings. Please overlook my English Skills as I never was very good at it, even though I finished high school. Enough of that for now…. I’ve recently came across the webpage (I guess that’s what you would call it and for some reason started seeing these Charcoal Drawings, Gorgeous Sketches. I’m writing you today because I came upon the lovely sketch of the little girl you drew and the story behind it. As I added a Pin, something I’m still learning, I continued to read about you, you’re feelings about tragedy, and what 2014 meant to you. After reading several of the poems (something I’ve Never Done Before) and watching that Sad Video, I started to experience Emotions, I evidently thought I had dealt with for up until this time. Well, let me just say this… I am glad I am in the back of the home at this moment, and my wife is sleeping in the living room, because all of a sudden all my Emotions overcame me. You absolutely struck a nerve as all of a sudden tears were streaming down my face and I was looking for the Kleenex box. It just got worse after that, so I went to the Bathroom in my master Bedroom and locked the door. I was very quiet, but tears were falling off my face and my nose running so bad I seemed to not be able to control it. this went on for like 30 mins until I finally convinced myself to get a grip with my emotions. I don’t know you, but even the parts you wrote about friends and who they are supposed to be (or what we think they are supposed to be) touched a nerve also. I’m gonna sign off for now as I’ve just gotten back to a fully functional relationship with my mother, after U.S. Not speaking for 10 years, back to our old selves. (I certainly know about friends and sometimes even other family siblings can cause SO MUCH PAIN). You have definitely spoken to my heart and soul today more than you can know. My thoughts, how I think the world should be, and how truly hard it is to have real friends, is much more hard to find in this big world we have than I ever thought. Goodbye for now, and if you ever want or do sell sketches, please let me know Asap. You truly are very level headed, intelligent, and have an Extremely Kind Heart. On top of that magical hands that draw thoughts. You’re a true Inspiration to me and I know many others. I will do my best to pray for you tonight. I feel you’re pain. YOU MY LADY ARE ONE GREAT PERSON WITH A SIMPLE PIECE OF LEAD AND WOOD. God Bless… Jim Rushing

    • Dear Jim, thank you so much for your very kind words and for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings. Don’t worry for your English, you certainly write much better than me, I’m not a native speaker, haven’t even been in an anglophone country.
      I am so sorry for your losses. So sorry that my words and posts has caused you such a deep suffering, making you remembering your wounds and feeling the pain again. That video is very touching indeed, every time I watch it just can’t hold on my tears. The truth is that the wound is always there, we just try to find ways to avoid thinking about it, otherwise the pain would be too strong to go on with.
      Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, I will pray for you too. You are truly so kind. Your beautiful words filled my heart with great gratitude.

      As for sharing my works I appreciate it, but please mention a link to the post from my blog (write the address of the page) from where you take the material.
      If you are interested in buying artworks please contact me on this address: “marysculptor” then at sign (@), and then “gmail.com” (I write my email address in this way ’cause there are programs which look for the standard format of email addresses on web pages then steal the addresses and sell them to spammers.) I don’t have any contact address from you.
      Many thanks again. God Bless…

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